Independent expert valuations and consultancy services applying best valuation practices

Our valuation services:

Real estate valuations

✅ Residential properties - apartments, houses, garages, parking lots

✅ Commercial properties - shops, restaurants, hotels

✅ Administrative and office buildings

✅ Public buildings

Valuation of movable property

✅ Machinery and equipment

✅ Means of transport

✅ Production equipment

✅ Special apparatus

✅ Service systems and installations

✅ Electronic devices

Valuation of intangible assets

✅ Trademarks and trade names

✅ Patents and patent technologies

✅ Software

✅ Rights of use - concessions

✅ Contracts for the transfer of rights

Business valuations

✅ An analysis of the company's financial position, and the overall value of the capital and shares of a business or commercial enterprise

✅ Determining the value of a commercial enterprise

✅ Determination of the value of shares or capital stock

✅ Determining the value of receivables

Valuation of agricultural land and permanent crops

✅ The valuation of the quality and quantity of agricultural produce

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